Ghulam Sabir Khan

Children learning vocal music and tabla in house of Ghulam Sabir Khan, Lakshmi Nagar, Delhi December 2010

Ghulam Sabir is the son of the late Siddiqi Ahmed Khan, a great sarangi player from Moradabad. He learned from his father and later with the Delhi sarangi player Sabri Khan, also from Moradabad. His house has always been a vibrant centre of music making. His son Murad Ali is one of the top sarangi players of India now. His son Fateh is a well-known sitarist, and his son Aman is an excellent tabla player. Ghulam Sabir has a couple of sarangi students in their late teens and twenties. Various children are learning tabla and vocal music in his house, but sadly no youngsters are learning sarangi.

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